Outdoor WPC Solid Flooring

Dimension: 140x20mm, 140x22mm, 150x23mm, 150x25mm, 100x25mm, 100x20mm, etc.
Length: 2.2m, 2.8m, 5.6m or customized length

Features for Red Forest's WPC solid flooring:

1. Free from pollutants and recyclable. Therefore, wood consumption is largely reduced.
2. The color of the composite boards can be fully customized.
3. Resistant to water and moisture. Resistant to rot and deformation common in wood products. Therefore, our wood plastic composite board is suitable in some places where traditional wood products could not be used.
4. Red Forest's wood plastic composite is highly resistant to insects, especially termites, which extends its useful life.
5. Easy installation, and no need for extra processing.
6. Significant cost savings through purchases, cleaning, and maintenance.

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