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Extruded Plastic Wood Composite

These three pictures are about our embossing technology.

These three pictures are about our color blending technology.

And these three pictures are about our co-extrusion technology.

Here is our extruded wood plastic composite board. It has undergone embossing, co-extrusion, and color blending.
After co-extrusion, the co-extruded layer will be tightly cladded onto the surface of the wood plastic composite board. Co-extruded WPC board has better performance in strength and weather fastness than ordinary WPC boards. Therefore, it offers a wide range of applications in high-grade outdoor landscape engineering.


1. Free from pollution and is recyclable.
2. Customizable colors.
3. Highly resistant to water and moisture, so it could be used in some places where ordinary wood products would not be suitable.
4. Highly resistant to insects, especially termites, extending its service life.
5. Easy installation and cleaning.

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