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Waterproof WPC Fencing

Post's dimension: 75x75mm, 90x90mm, 100x100mm, 120x120mm, 145x145mm, and etc.
Fence panel dimension: 100x50mm, 76x46mm, 55x55mm, 60x40mm, 60x30mm,95x45mm,80x60mm, 72x12, 100x12mm, 50x20mm, 50x25mm, 100x20mm, and etc.

Features for Red Forest's fence:

1. WPC fencing products assume many of the same characteristics of wood and can be subjected to the same processes, including planing, drilling, and bonding. Nails, screws, and other fasteners work well WPC materials. It has a smooth surface and no need for weatherproof coating processes. But if you prefer one with paint, painted WPC pieces can be provided.
2. No cracking or wood knots are present as in traditional wood pieces.
3. Resistant to moisture, acid and alkali, and generates no toxicity or pollution during its use.
4. Wood plastic composite is thermoformed, so it has a higher hardness than typical plastic products.

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