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Outdoor Plastic Wood Composite Bench

Bench dimension: 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m
Bench panel's dimension: 32x57mm, 40x80mm, 20x100mm, 27x302mm, 25x200mm, and etc.

Features for wood plastic composite bench:

1. Resistant to water and moisture. Free from rot and deformation common in wood products. Therefore, our wood plastic composite board is suitable for use in some places where traditional wood products could not be used.
2. Highly resistant to insects, especially termites.
3. Diverse colors are available. And customized colors are also possible.
4. Good plasticity
5. No benzene homologs and derivatives, and the formaldehyde emission level is lower than E0 formaldehyde emission standard- international top environmental standards (formaldehyde emission is almost negligible). No pollution generated and the composite boards can be recycled.
6. Easy and low cost installation.
7. No cracking, deformation, or expansion for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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